The M3-12 series composed of LiFePo4 battery cells in series and parallel, which has the characters of good safety performance, high energy density and long cycle life.

Using laser welding craft, with high degree of automation, low internal resistance, high energy efficiency, to ensure the welding quality.

Supports 4pcs in series connection for 12Vdc platform, 4pcs in series for 48Vdc platform, which provides a wide range of applications.

Built-in intelligent BMS, optimizes the performance and safety of the battery by automatically balancing cells and protecting them from over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, high and low temperature protection functions, graded alarm and wireless monitoring functions.

Using the lithium-ion battery, green and eco-friendly, low lifetime cost.

Automative-level internal design: Not like the traditional assembling method, we apply an aluminum case rather than a normal pvc and adhesive tape inside for a more compact design. It’s strict but smart for the long period and surpasses expectations by being versatile, compact, and more powerful.

Brand promotion: OEM/ODM acceptance As a factory with a strong technical team, we focus more on design and offer OEM and ODM services for our clients than promote our own brand.